Risk and Authorisation Solutions

Visa Risk Manager with Advanced Authorisation

Get more control over your fraud strategies

With speed and simplicity of implementation, Visa Risk Manager (VRM) offers near real-time rule creation, rule testing, and rule implementation – enabling you to customise your fraud strategies to meet your portfolio’s distinct fraud patterns.


Superior Customer Experience

Gives you the confidence to decline the highest risk transactions, increasing customer loyalty, spend and payment volume.

Improved Authorisation Rates

Provides extensive fraud management functionality and comprehensive alert data to help you confidently approve more transactions, which can lead to higher revenues.

Enhanced Control

Taps into the power of VisaNet to provide better control of the risk associated with your portfolio using an easily accessible web-based UI 24/7.

Download the case study

Learn how a multi-national issuer in Latin America enabled Visa Risk Manager to improve the cardholder experience, increase approval rates by 700bps, and decrease their False Positive Ratio (FPR) amount by 70% within eight months.

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