Authorisation Solutions

Authorisation Solutions

Visa Advanced Authorisation

Visa Advanced Authorisation

The Visa Network and Artificial Intelligence powering every transaction

Visa Advanced Authorisation (VAA) provides global issuers with a sophisticated in-flight risk scoring, for more targeted and better-informed authorisation decisions.


Simple-to-use risk score

Provides a real-time risk score to help identify good and bad transactions across VisaNet

Global insights of VisaNet

Harnesses Visa's global data and perspective of fraud

Holistic customer views

Uses a 2 year data profile of account history

Visa AI platform

Utilises cloud-based fraud risk models using best-in-class machine learning technology

Download the case study

Learn more about how an EU issuer improved fraud detection and reduced fraud volume with Visa Advanced Authorisation. Read the case study to see how it can deliver the same kind of results for you.

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