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Learn more about the insights on global travel trends, consumer expectations, motivations and habits.

Global Travel Trends for 2024, a Visa Latin America and the Caribbean perspective paper.

With consumers facing hard budget decisions with prices increases at their fastest rate in decades, they are still putting travel as one of their priorities. Demand for travel, globally has steadily increased with nearly 500 million people staying overnight on an international trip during the first half of 2023.1 This report provides valuable information about the global travel landscape and how this sector is bouncing back and shows no signs of retreating for 2024.

In it you’ll find:

  • Updated details about the resurgence in leisure trips post Covid

  • Relevant information about consumer’s travel intentions

  • Key takeaways about payments behaviors across the travel journey

Global Travel Trends for 2024

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1. Visa International Travel Platform, August 2023

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