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Join us as we explore the future of fintech and learn how the most innovative companies are investing in technologies that exponentially improve their back-end infrastructure pushing Latin America toward a digital future with new possibilities.

Welcome to our new Innovation Study “Data-driven personalization in a generative AI world”! A report that examines the finance sector and evolving technology in Latin America and the Caribbean. Based on over 120 interviews with key companies in the region, we analyze the major structural shifts that began in 2022 and are now significantly impacting the industry. Our first section begins with open finance and APIs revolutionizing personalized products and services, to the rise of faster payments and the digital value network transforming the way we transact. Our second section dives into the newest technology that is the talk of the town, generative AI and how companies are integrating it into their operations.

In it you’ll find:

  • How open finance and APIs are driving new, personalized products for consumers.

  • How fast and interoperable payments have the power to unlock trillions of dollars in potential capital.

  • How the digital value network will revolutionize the way we transact as a society.

  • The opportunities that exist for legacy payment players in a digital value network.

  • The rate of adoption of generative AI in LatAm.

  • The most common use-cases of generative AI in the payments and retail sectors.

  • What’s next for generative AI in LatAm and what challenges do we still face.

  • How open innovation is the solution in a time of tight budgets.

  • How open innovation is accelerating the time to market for new products.

Unlocking the power of urban mobility in Latin America and the Caribbean

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