Unlocking the SME Opportunity Together

Unlocking the SME Opportunity Together

Our latest research identifies and analyzes the megatrends paving the way to new opportunities for issuing banks across Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by rapid digitalization. This evolution is reshaping the needs and challenges SMEs face, influencing their growth and scalability prospects.

The trends and opportunities emerging in the region are too significant for issuing banks to ignore; by tailoring products, services, and solutions that cater to the unique SMEs needs, banks can champion inclusive economic growth while expanding their customer base, increasing transaction volumes, and unlocking new revenue opportunities.

Visa's latest SME Megatrends Report provides an in-depth analysis of the challenges and growth opportunities facing SMEs with market-specific insights, including:


The trends emerging in the SME landscape.


How banks can leverage evolving needs to strengthen their SME offerings.


Case studies evaluating innovative solutions tailored to SMEs.

How Visa can help

By collaborating closely with Visa, issuing banks can unlock the SME opportunity by enabling access to essential financial products and services specifically tailored to their unique needs.

Want to Unlock the SME Opportunity?

Visa's SME Megatrends Report highlights key trends in the SME sector, guiding issuing banks on optimizing their services to better serve SMEs and unlock new growth avenues.

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