Advanced Identity Score

Reducing fraud losses with cutting-edge artificial intelligence

Advanced Identity Score combines Visa’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) with unique, proprietary data to help issuers predict credit application fraud - including Identity Theft and Synthetic Identity.

This issuer solution is a FCRA-compliant identity fraud score aimed to prevent fraud losses at the point of application – helping better detect synthetic identities and determine the probability of any fraud including first-party fraud in real-time.

Leveraging extensive and detailed data to distinguish low-risk and high-risk applications, the Advanced Identity Score helps reduce false positives delivering positive customer experiences. This solution draws on the only centralized database in the U.S. where reporting is standardized and required for new applications, application fraud and account fraud.

The Advanced Identity Score is network agnostic and applicable to card applications for all brands, not only Visa.

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Powerful insights from Advanced Identity Score
  • Reduce fraud rates while handling fewer suspect applications
  • Reduce losses
  • Reduce back office expenses
  • Enhance customer experience