Visa Cashless Forum 2020

Date: Wednesday, September 30

Time: 9:30-17:15 (EEST)

New Normal, New Challenges, New Cashless

About the Forum

The Visa Cashless Forum is an annual platform that gathers together digital payment and innovation experts from a range of financial institutions, fintech, merchants, payment service providers, and regulators to discuss new trends & challenges and outline the key directions in which the industry should be heading.

This year, for the first time, Visa will go online to unite all the CISSEE markets to deliver the biggest event in the region and discuss the new challenges & opportunities in the “new normal”.

In particular, we will focus on how lockdown restrictions have led to an e-commerce boom, how consumer behavior has changed, and what future lies ahead for increased online payments. We will also discuss how to adapt to current challenges, to utilize these new opportunities and meet consumer needs efficiently.

The Visa Cashless Forum will be made up of several interactive platforms: panel discussions, interviews, debates, colabs, case presentations and various online activations.

Live Stream

To be available at Visa Cashless Forum landing page and Visa Facebook page on September 30.

Media Partners

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Yegor Gordeev, TV Host (Ukraine)

The pandemic has dramatically changed our world. We are now living in the new normal. Are we fully aware of the implications for all areas of our lives? It is time to rethink our current situation and calibrate our expectations for the future.

Host: Vira Platonova, Senior Vice President, CISSEE Group Country Manager, Visa

Speaker: Francis Fukuyama, Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow, Stanford University (US)

Adapting to the new normal: how can we turn the post-COVID era into an era of the new opportunities for businesses, communities and the country as a whole?

Host: Svitlana Chyrva, Country Manager for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, Visa

Speaker: Charles Robertson, Chief Economist, Renaissance Capital (UK)

Lockdown has necessitated a digital boom. What should have happened by way of evolution over several decades instead happened as a revolution in just a few months. What are the drivers of the ongoing changes?

Host: Cristina Doros, Country Manager, Caucasus, Visa


Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister of Digital Transformation (Ukraine)

Farid Osmanov, Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan) (invited)

Ines Rocha, Director, Financial Products SME Finance & Development, EBRD (UK)

What is a digital bank? Is it a trend or a necessity? How can we make digital banking inclusive for everyone? How is the digital bank adapting to the new normal?

Host: Vira Platonova, Senior Vice President, CISSEE Group Country Manager, Visa

Speaker: Oleg Gorokhovsky, Co-Founder, Monobank (Ukraine)

The coronavirus pandemic has advanced a new era in banking. What is the way for traditional financial institutions to succeed in the “new normal”?

Host: Vira Platonova, Senior Vice President, CISSEE Group Country Manager, Visa (Ukraine)

Speaker: Andrii Stepanenko, Member of the Management Board Retail – Raiffeisen Bank International AG (Austria)


Svitlana Luchkina, L Sektor, with “Get Fit, Be Online” (Ukraine)


New consumer behavior, changes in consumption and increased digital payments: does adapting to the new normal have to be painful for SMEs? How can they jump-start a new stage of development?

Host: Oleksandr Yablunivskyy, Payment Solutions Head, CISSEE, Visa (Ukraine)

Speaker:Matthew Dooley, Managing Director, Connected Thinking Limited (Hong Kong) (invited)


The new normal requires new approaches and solutions. Is there space for new technology? What innovation can a fully digital environment bring?

Host: Vira Platonova, Senior Vice President, CISSEE Group Country Manager, Visa


Vlad Yatsenko, Co-Founder, Revolut (UK)

Petr Krumphanzl, Chairman of the Board, PrivatBank (Ukraine)


New consumer behavior, changes in consumption and increased digital payments: does the SMEs’ adaptation to the new normal have to be painful? How can they jump-start a new stage of development?

Host: Vladimir Djordjevic, Country Manager, SEE, Visa (Serbia)


Arthur Dalivelia, Founder, and (Belarus) (invited)

Rula Raim, Co-Founder, (Kazakhstan)

Nona Songhulashvili, Co-Founder, Tamashobana (Georgia)

Srdjan Stanković, Managing Director for Serbia, Montenegro & Bosnia, (Serbia)


Vadym Granovskiy, Coffee in Action, with “Drink Coffee, Be Online” (Ukraine)


In post-COVID-19 world, the consumer behavior is being massively changed. The impact has long-term implications as consumers take stock and re-evaluate their life priorities, habits and behavior. We clearly see the increased role of digital connectivity across consumers’ lives, enabling them to live, work and shop without leaving home. How can businesses reinvent themselves to meet new consumer needs and expectations more effectively?

Host: Anton Piatygin, Local Partner, McKinsey & Company (Ukraine)


Gulsum Dushatova, Director of the Transaction Business Department, Halyk Bank (Kazakhstan)

Hlib Burtsev, Business Development Director, NovaPay, Nova Poshta (Ukraine)

Mikhail Chernyshev, Customer Happiness Officer, Dodo Pizza (UK)

Vladyslav Chechotkin, Founder, (invited)


Premium segment in the new normal: how to maintain a high level of service and satisfy the needs of such a demanding audience? Is there still a place for premium offers in a digital world, which provides equal opportunities for all?

Host: David Mardashev, Expert on Luxury Products (Russia)


Pascal Hyafil, CEO, Coty (France)

Lada Samodumskaya, General Manager, Kempinsky Hotels (CIS)

Ekaterina Ivanova, Ex-HRD Europe, Chanel (CIS)

Dmitry Yeremeev, Ex-CEO, Richemont SA (CIS)

Asel Mashanova, Founder, LULU, Metabody clinics, Meta Business Project (Kazakhstan)



Visa Cashless Forum videos to be published here after the event.


Yegor Gordeyev
A well-known Ukrainian TV host of the popular morning TV show "Breakfast with 1+1". Previously, Yegor was a host of the socio-political show "Kyiv Forum" on KDR TV, developed a morning broadcast for TVi, and also worked for "Dozhd", Russian based TV channel. Yegor’s native languages are Ukrainian and Russian and he is fluent in English.
Vira Platonova
Senior Vice President and Group Country Manager for Visa CISSEE overseeing all operations within 17 markets across Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Southeast Europe. Being highly experienced executive in the payment systems and retail banking sectors, Vira has built her seventeen-year career in strategy development and implementation, business development and operational management. Prior to Visa, Vira was the General Manager for MasterCard’s representative office in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Central Asia.
Francis Fukuyama
Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow at Stanford University's Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI), Mosbacher Director of FSI's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (CDDRL), and Director of Stanford's Master's in. Dr. Fukuyama has been a professor in numerous worlds-s most prestige universities and has written widely on issues in development and international politics. He is a member of the American Political Science Association and the Council on Foreign Relations.
Svitlana Chyrva
Visa Country Manager for Ukraine. Belarus and Moldova based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Svitlana is managing the overall development of Visa electronic payments business in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus, including relations with clients (banks), merchants and other market stakeholders by increasing Visa’s footprint in these markets, and enhancing values that the company provides to its partners and cardholders.
Charles Robertson
Leading emerging markets specialist; Renaissance Capital’s Global Chief Economist and Head of the Firm’s Macro Strategy Unit. Mr. Robertson covers the global economic themes having the greatest impact on emerging markets. Mr. Robertson was ranked the number-one economics and macro analyst and #Frontier analyst multiple time throughout the last decade (2007 – 2010 and 2016-2019) - for emerging Europe, the Middle East and Africa by the Extel survey, Renaissance Capital and Institutional Investor survey.
Cristina Doros
Visa Country Manager in Caucasus. She has more than 20 years of experience in retail banking, information technology, innovations, cards and mobile payments. Cristina joined Visa in 2016 to lead the regional Core Products team. Later Cristina has been acting as a Vice-President, Head of Solutions, Visa CISSEE since 2019, overseeing Core products (Debit, Credit and Premium), loyalty platform development, digital solutions and push payments.
Mykhailo Fedorov
Ukrainian politician, state official, and private entrepreneur. He is Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. During his service, Mykhailo initiated a series of digital transformation projects at the state level, including launch of “Diia” application platform to provide state services online.
Farid Osmanov
Executive Director at Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan since January 2020. His previous experience includes management of the Bank Information Technology Department. Farid graduated University of Manchester (Master of Science in Management and Information Systems: Change and Development.
Ines Rocha
Director for Financial Products, SME Finance & Development Team, EBRD. Ines has twenty years of experience in the financial industry and in capital markets. Prior to the current position Ines was a Senior Banker in the Financial Institutions team covering mainly structured product and capital market investments in bank and non-bank financial institutions across EBRD’s Countries of Operation
Oleg Gorokhovsky
One of the founders of the first Ukrainian digital bank, “Monobank”. Oleg has over 16 years of banking experience. Since 1997 Oleg has worked at PrivatBank in numerous management positions, and since 2004, he has taken the position of a Deputy Chairman of the Board of the PrivatBank. In 2017, Gorokhovsky co-founded Monobank.
Andrii Stepanenko
Management Board member in charge of Retail Banking at Raiffeisen Bank International AG since 2017. Before that he was a Deputy Chairman of the Management Board in charge of Retail Banking at Raiffeisenbank in Russia. Andrii started his career with the RBI Group in 1998 as a Head of Corporate Credit Analysis at Raiffeisenbank Ukraine. From 2000 to 2003, he held a leading role for risk management development at the RZB Group in Vienna.
Yevhen Lisnyak
Senior Director for Strategic Partnerships and Fintech in the CIS and South-Eastern Europe.
Matthew Dooley
Managing Director at Connected Thinking LTD. Matthew is a well-known senior strategic thinker, marketer, and customer experience executive who has driven change at two of the World’s leading banks. Experienced in transforming & navigating in complex global corporate environments.
Vlad Yatsenko
One of the founders of Revolut, a British financial technology company that offers banking services. Prior to co-founding Revolut in 2015, Vlad spent ten years building financial systems at tier one investment banks. Serving as CTO, Vlad has been at the forefront of Revolut’s award-winning technology, building a next generation of banking experience.
Petr Krumhanzl
Chairman of the Management Board of PrivatBank since Institutional Investor survey 2018. Former Head of Operations at Raiffeisen Bank Aval. As a senior manager in leading banks in the EU, he proved himself to be a demanding and pragmatic leader focused on improving processes and organizing a reliable system of internal control as well as proving himself as forward banking expert during the 2008 crisis in Ukrainian market and during his activities as Chief Operating Officer at Austrian Heta Asset Resolution.
Vladimir Djordjevic
Regional Manager for SEE countries, as well as the Head of SEE Branch Office in Belgrade, Serbia, responsible for six markets – Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo. By joining Visa in 2004 as a Business Development manager, responsible for over 40 clients in SEE markets, he became a Country Manager for Serbia and Montenegro in 2007, managing overall Visa business, and securing Visa’s leading position in cashless payments in both markets.
Arthur Dalivelia
A well-known entrepreneur based in Belarus. He is a Founder of and
Rula Raim
Co-Founder of located based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. is one of the popular local delivery services.
Nona Songhulashvili
One of the Founders of Tamashobana based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Tamashobana is a company that supplies products for Georgian games industry.
Srdjan Stanković
Managing Director for Serbia, Montenegro & Bosnia, Field expert with more than 15 years of diverse experience in marketing, product development, advertising and sales positions in e-commerce, media and telecommunication industries. After creating Telenor's media & sponsorship strategy, Srdjan moved to Ringier Axel Springer Serbia for a Business Development Director position and launched the first MVNO in Serbia. Since September 2016 he is Managing Director of Donesi, the biggest online food delivery platform in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro, which is part of Delivery Hero Group.
Anton Piatygin
The Local Partner, McKinsey & Company Leader of Ukrainian Banking Practice, member of Digital McKinsey and Public Sector Practice.
Gulsum Dushatova
Director of the Transaction Business Department, Halyk Bank, which is top-3 largest banks in Kazakhstan.
Hlib Burtsev
The Business development director at NovaPay, Nova Poshta Holding. 20 years of professional career in fintech and retail banking focused on strategy, project management, digital services and efficient business processes.
Mikhail Chernyshev
Connecting Customers with Dodo Pizza - Fastest Growing Pizzeria Chain in Europe. Dodo Pizza is one of the world’s fastest-growing QSR startups.
Vladyslav Chechotkin
One of the top Ukrainian businessmen. Since 2015 he is co-founder and co-owner of, the most popular online store and marketplace.
David Mardashev
More than 17 years track record with (top-tier) brands internationally. Based on the mix of latest trends, fundamental academic findings and digital tools David consults on how to implement efficient marketing and educational programs. He is a speaker on the topics of luxury, industry and its history, client experience practices, the art of storytelling and other client-centric topics.
Pascal Hyafil
Joined Coty in January 2017 to lead international business development for Philosophy & Lancaster based in New York. Pascal brings extensive global and regional experience across multiple geographies in general management, sales and marketing with a proven track record of leading high performing teams. While at Unilever Prestige, he led the global commercial strategy, distributor and customer relations as well as key acquisitions and integrations such as Dermalogica and Murad.
Lada Samodumskaya
Became the first local citizen and the first woman to head a hotel managed by an international luxury brand in Russia in 2020. With 28 years of professional experience in the hospitality industry, Lada has built a successful career, from an employee of the Reservations department to an executive at the leading international luxury hotels. In 2014 Lada rejoined Kempinski as the Area Director of Sales and Marketing, Russia and CIS. In 2016, Lada was presented with a double award by Kempinski Hotels as the best S&M director among the company’s hotels both in Europe and the rest of the world.
Ekaterina Ivanova
The coach of the International Coaching Academy; a well-known HR consultant with more than 20 years of experience in HR area. Ekaterina has 15 year of professional experience in the luxury industry. Former HR Director at Chanel and Louis Vuitton.
Dmitry Yeremeev
CEO of a Russian subsidiary of Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA for 10 years since 2008. Before joining Richemont, Dmitry had been running VF Corporation in the region as a General Manager Russia and CIS from 2004. Before that he had worked in a number of prominent international companies including Reemtsma GmbH and Xerox Corporation in CIS countries and Europe. He graduated from Moscow Technical University and obtained MBA in Bradford University School of Management.
Asel Mashanova
Founder of LULU Company, Metabody Clinics and Meta Business Project.